Visual ecstasy by photographer Max Munich

Max Munich is an incredibly talented photographer in Berlin, Germany. He specializes in photographs of landscapes, countryside, adventure and visiting the photo. His photos are very harmonious, majestic and tranquil color combination, size and texture in nature. Moreover, his works are associated with the way we imagine the power of nature and its tranquility in the state. He has more than a hundred thousand subscribers in Instagram and the number is only increasing.

Very often it happens that Max, trying to make a beautiful frame drops equipment directly into the ocean or falls from the mountain. It is very often not so lucky in the past year it has happened three times. His landscapes are so harmonious and complete, that observing his photographs you will sit for a long time and dream about to pack up and leave in place a particular photo, and maybe throw all things and go as it is. It all started with his passion for travel, and then he was inspired by nature and discovered his ability to be successful and close to his perception of the etched all this beauty. People all over the world agree with his perception and dreamily looking at the pictures of Berlin Man.

It relieves the endless green fields, snow-capped mountains, kayaking in cold waters, lonely cabin in the mountains and other idyllic places on our planet. Now he is engaged in freelance photography and combines work with another specialty – he was a project manager of German Roamers, the biggest Instagram community in Europe which does not act on the internet and in real life.

Recently in New York, an exhibition by the Instagram was held. After his photo he took part in a photo project of such companies: RedBull, Adobe, Mercedes Benz, WWF, Expedia, Haglöfs, Samsung, Sony, GEO, Heimplanet, Destination Canada, Swissair, Beautiful Destinations, The North Face and many others as a freelance photographer.













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