Top Street Style Trends for 2018

The season of fashion weeks and fashion shows has officially started and the most interesting ideas are being implemented into everyday life by street style fashionistas, It girls and fashion bloggers. Their playing with styles and shapes really fascinates and makes us want pieces of their outlooks even more than some designer clothes. We have investigated the most attractive street style looks so far which are very easy to reduplicate for any of us. So, here you have top 10 street style trends to follow this year.


Bags made from straw

Street Style Trends for 2018

Forget about suede and leather, especially as they are going to climb down eventually. Focus on more durable and even eco-friendly straw. Bags made from this material will certainly refresh your spring-summer look.



Street Style Trends for 2018

Velvet is certainly a must have for this year. Velvet dresses, skirts, suits and shoes. This soft and sophisticated fabric is everywhere. And it is a perfect option for a gorgeous fall look.


Long sleeves

Street Style Trends for 2018

Too long sleeves that may even look dramatic and exaggerated are something you shouldn’t be afraid of this season.


Straight leg jeans

Street Style Trends for 2018

The best-selling trend now is still mom jeans. But if you are a bit tired of them, try straight leg jeans which look more classy.



Street Style Trends for 2018

 Another manifestation of femininity. If you are bold to experiment, try to combine ruffles with bell sleeves.

Layered dresses

Layering is popular in any kind of outfits. Even if it comes to something feminine and girly like dresses.


Bell sleeves

Street Style Trends for 2018

Another trend in shapes is bell sleeves. If you are a fan of a romantic style, find a chiffon blouse with such elegant sleeves.


T-shirts with drawings

Tired of classic and smart styles? Get yourself such a t-shirt with writings or drawings and combine with some casual clothes for everyday wearing.



Street Style Trends for 2018

Don’t forget about classic stripes. But try to play with styles.


Denim skirts

Street Style Trends for 2018

Find your old denim skirt – it’s high time for it!

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