The unique Shell house in Mexico invites you to take a vacation

The Shell house is a unique building that is situated on the seashore of Mexico. It is often called either shell or snail house and when you look at this peculiar building it becomes clear why it has got such a title. You may think that this fairy-tale house has been created for a little mermaid, but in reality each of us can spend his holidays in the Shell house on Isla Mujeres in the Caribbean Sea.


Unique Shell house in Mexico The owner of this house and the author of the project is a famous surreal artist Octavio Ocampo. He has created one of the most unique and exotic hotels in the world. And although the Shell house’s design is so strange, the materials used for its creation are rather ordinary. Except for concrete, Ocampo has used more than 4000 seashells to create this stunning house.


unique Shell house in Mexico

The proportions of a cockle-shell as well as the sea topic are completely maintained inside the house. The living room has no corners and like other rooms is made of various shells and corals. And such interesting finishing has an especially awesome look in a bathroom.


unique Shell house in Mexico

The small spiral stairway runs up to the first floor where even a bed looks like the one made for a sea princess. There is also a comfortable yard full of tropic plants, interesting paths and fences that are also made of seashells.


unique Shell house in Mexico This Shell house is rented out for the rich clients and often it is used for the weddings. Here you will find all necessary for the comfortable rest things: two bedrooms, two bathrooms as well as a pool and a separate bath house. And there is a great Caribbean landscape out below the windows.

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