The Martian House, printed on the 3D-printer

Despite the fact that the industry of architectural 3D-printing is fairly new, this concept can help future colonizers of Mars. Inspired by the NASA project, which consist in finding design ideas of the house for a Martian colonists, French company Fabulous has developed a concept called Sfero, which will be printed on Mars using locally available materials – the 3D-printer.


The Martian House, printed on the 3D-printer The construction is similar to the Indian houses. It should be noted that the house will be partially buried under the ground. We don’t know as far as it’s possible in the Martian environment. The access to the shelter will be provided through a long corridor to the gateway. The interior consists of 3 floors. The top level, which is similar to the mezzanine, will be used for plants with provisions. The second floor includes a work area and bathroom. Finally, the lowest floor is represented by bedroom units. Between floors “tenants” will move around the special winding staircase.

 The Martian House, printed on the 3D-printer

It is assumed that Mars substrates can be used as a material for 3D printing. It isn’t clear how this will work, but the project includes a central axis that will extract iron from the soil and rocks of the planet, as well as it will look for the frozen areas for extraction of water and the use of materials as a protection against radiation.

The company plans to test a shelter for astronauts in California, in the Mojave Desert or somewhere in Hawaii. The concept won’t be certainly realized, but the design, similar to this or Queen B (Bioshielding) can show which structures may eventually be used to keep the astronauts alive in the extreme conditions of Mars. The European Space Agency is also considering the possibility of building a 3D-printed lunar bases.

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