The Mad Hatter. Stylish hats by Moschino for spring-summer

Stylish hats by Moschino for spring-summer

Jeremy Scott showed a collection Moschino Resort 2017 which features bright neon colors and abundant décor. Certainly, this collection has some vivid hats for 2017-2018 season. A resort collection is a preview performance of the designer’s work for the spring-summer season. Observing the Moschino Resort looks, we can suppose that spring-summer looks are going to show neon prints with leopard inclusions and Hawaiian accessories. But more attention should be paid to hats. A Moschino creative director prepared four fashionable women’s hats for the upcoming season: Panama hats, berets with peaks, umbrella and mushroom hats.


Fashion trends: umbrella hats

Fashion hats by Moschino 2018

Maybe this accessory is impractical for city life, but it can be an excellent choice as an accessory for your summer resort look. Perhaps, such a hat look a bit strange and odd for your everyday life, but lacy fabric and bright prints will draw everybody’s attention easily. Who will dare to wear such an accessory?


Peaky berets

Stylish hats by Moschino for spring-summer

 Berets with peaks, unlike the lacy “umbrellas”, combine both eccentricity and earthiness. Yet, Jeremy Scott deprived these hats all earthiness. Berets were made in bright colors with striped and floral print. Some models even feature 3D flowers as décor.


Mushroom hats

Stylish hats by Moschino for spring-summer

Another gimmick displayed at the Moschino Resort 2017 fashion show. These looks definitely remind us of the character from the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, called the Mad Hatter. He obviously adored oversize hats and could probably apprehend such hats by Moschino. By the way, such a “mushroom” can easily be used as a Panama hat. But how brave are you for experiments?


Panama hats

Stylish hats by Moschino for spring-summer

Panama hats are probably the most necessary hat from this resort collection. Acceptable calm colors will suit lots of girls’ taste. Soft lines of the brims add some lightness and romanticism to an everyday summer look. So, before buying clothes for the new season, ponder over what kind of hats will suit you perfectly and try to be bold.


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