The Google office in Dutch spirit in Amsterdam

The Studio D/DOCK updated the Google office interiors in Amsterdam. Now there are traditional confectionery products in the ceiling. In the windows instead of curtains, you can see drying clothes. The offices are made in garage style: brick walls with graffiti and open ceiling. On each floor, there are elements of the interior, symbolising the Netherlands: an old freight bicycle (cut in half and attached on both sides of the counter administration), panel in the form of wafers (hanging to the ceiling) and pantry furniture with blue painting.

The office planning is more interesting than the decor. The designers considered every floor to be the resemblance of the city with the “community center” in the middle (there are meeting rooms, recreation areas, snack bars) and a work area on the perimeter. This plan, among other things, allowed placing all workplaces near the windows. To ensure the environmental safety of the office, the designers selected special materials for decoration, referring to the list of non-toxic materials of Google.

As in other Google offices, there are play area, gym, unusual places with strange objects. For example, one of the meeting room is a real tourist van of 60s surrounded by folding picnic furniture. These features, together with garish interior trim and logotype of the customer at every step, create a recognisable image of the Google office.

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