Tantrum Charger: American Muscle Hypercar

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar

The car really has the qualities of the legendary machine. It is incredibly beautiful and fast. The car is equipped with a unique electric power plant. Tantrum Charger feature is the incomparable attention to detail by its creators.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar All improvements in the car look even more impressive given the fact that the base was released 45 years ago. Like many other advanced models, this car has gone beyond the muscle car series production and has become a real masterpiece. Dodge Charger 1970, also known as Tantrum. Work on the exterior was done by SpeedKore Performance from Port Washington, Wisconsin. Even if you have never heard of this company, looking at this car, you will not forget it.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar ( Despite the exotic coupe DNA, it is possible to learn wedge “beast”, immortalized on the streets of Los Angeles Dominic Toretto in “Fast and the Furious.” However, this Charger is not classic muscle car. You understand that, seeing a coating of carbon fiber. As David says Salvadzhio “fiber – it’s not the future. It is now.” This mater has been used in many places, including the front of the wings, the roof, hood, bumper and headlight bezels.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar For carbon coating was not so obvious, from the company PPG guys wisely covered the whole rudeness luxurious pure black paint material. In addition to the abundant use of carbon fiber in the body Dodge also has some metal and aluminum parts handmade. For example, the tail panel was made CNC, and the lights were borrowed from Challenger 2014 year. Ahead you will find a special grille, which was made of 1.82 m single piece of aluminum and mounted with a pair of headlights searchlight.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar There were many variants of engines suitable for this newly resurgent muscle car. They can be classic or modern engines Hemi, or a powerful 10-cylinder engine from the Viper. The engine, which drives a Tantrum, unlike anything previously is seen in the pony cars from Mopar. Here the real madness begins.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar Under the hood of Tantrum Charger is QC4V powerplant by Mercury Racing. «Mercury Marine» is a company that manufactures engines for ships over than 75 years. Tantrum is the first experience in the development and installation of the engine in the road transport category. Motor QC4V is perfect and “uncontrollable” beast. The 8-cylinder engine is supplemented by two 94mm turbochargers.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar The total capacity of the power unit is 1650 horsepower. The idea of ​​using the ship’s engine may seem a little strange, but the creators say that the engine designed to work in difficult conditions on the water, will easily handle the work on the road. That means that use of such an engine will be not an one-time event.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar The company Mercury Racing is going to adjust manufacture QC4V engines for other similar projects. All power to 1650 hp Engine Mercury stands 6-speed gearbox. “Harness” the power of vintage clutch pedal and switch in the form of a pistol grip – that’s what really excites the imagination.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar In fact, you can do to get the engine capacity of 1650 hp and install it in the old model Dodge Charger. However, the muscle car has a lot of special and unique details. In Tantrum Charger there are improved the chassis with the details of the Roadster Shop, which have been reinforced to handle the additional power. All this is in addition to the metal floor, the chassis, the inner enclosing flaps and roll bars. Disc brakes from Baer size of 14 inches in diameter exactly this size, were with Charger model in 1970.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar As for the design, in the Charger SpeedKore we want to upgrade, but do not make it too high tech and like a spaceship. Designer Sean Smith (Sean Smith) was able to achieve the perfect combination of modern technology and classic. As with the exterior, carbon fiber has been used abundantly in the decoration of the car. Chairs are upholstered in leather by design firm Gabe’s Custom Interiors. Superior finishes complement the advanced control panel and black steering wheel from Billet Specialties, which fits perfectly into the overall design of the interior.

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar

Tantrum Charger american muscle hypercar

Based on materials taken from site speedhunters.com

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