Small studio apartment with original berth

In what circumstances should live a dynamic man who likes everything new and wants to be surrounded by comfort? This apartment decorated in fashionable gray tones meets the requirements of the modern man who dreams of stylish and comfortable surroundings. The designers surprised the public with the unusual solution to divide the space of studio which is located in Belgrade. A large area is almost all given under the arrangement of living room, kitchen and dining area. And only a small area is occupied by bedroom, originally hidden from view by means of the glass tank.

The living room has strict, but cozy atmosphere. On the big soft sofa, it’s possible to comfortably place several people. A well-thought-out adjustable lighting allows you to change the atmosphere and have a variety of effects, such as business or romantic setting. Now the combination of different shades of gray is one of the most popular trends. It is ideal for any modern styles because electronics and intelligent home appliances look great on the background of gray tones.

The kitchen is decorated with lovely white cabinets in which, according to the latest trends, there is no handle. The bedroom or, to be more exact, the bed place is located in the living room, behind the sofa. The glass partition is closed and it allows hiding the sleeping area. Also, you can watch TV through the transparent glass. And the roomy built-in wardrobe which is designed for storage of clothes does not spoil the interior.

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