Samsung CHG90: ultra-wide gaming monitor

Samsung CHG90

In 2016 Samsung showed a pair of gaming monitors with immersive curved panel and superior color provided by quantum dot technology. This time the company launched the monitor delivering double full HD resolution across 49” and really insane level of aspect ratio – 32:9. This is Samsung CHG90 gaming unit and does not bear a low-price tag.

Samsung CHG90 According to Samsung, QLED quantum dot technology on-board can support some 125% of the sRGB color gamut and 95% – Digital Cinema Initiatives motion picture standard.

Samsung CHG90

The 49” monitor has 1,800R curve (in other words in case of extension to make a full circle, radius would be 709 in), the resolution – 3,840 x 1080p, 178° viewing angle. Smooth picture is delivered thanks to 1 ms response and 144 Hz refresh rate. Besides, the company says that the CHG90 benefits from 4 channel scan technology offsetting any image diffusion. It is also compatible with AMD’s Radeon FreeSync 2 technology.

Samsung CHG90 Samsung CHG90

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