Must Have Men’s Accessories

Fine expensive men’s accessories and jewelries not just apparel a person, but they show, first of all, the status of their owner in the society. Accessories and males are not opposite concepts anymore. There is nothing strange about wearing some accessories or jewelries for a man. Of course, accessories should be chosen with taste and meet criteria of moderation in order not to draw unwanted attention.




You should start with wrist accessories like watches, surely, which also have become not just a device to keep the track of time. Another accessory that you can wear on the wrist is a bracelet.

There is a wide bracelets range of different sizes and shapes. Golden, silver and platinum bracelets of medium size will be in trend, but you also should pay attention to your hand and wrist sizes while choosing a perfect accessory for yourself.
Men’s Accessories



Rings are quite popular among men as they also expose the status of the owner. Except for metal, you should focus on gem stones in ring from antracite to diamonds. Rings have to match with watches or a bracelet.


Chains are a great way to demonstrate your personality.

Men’s Accessories

Nowadays male necklaces with beads are quite popular. Some of them look like a chaplet with a cross and they will perfectly suit to casual or street style. Colors can vary from classy black to bright yellow depending on the whole look of a man or on his courage.


And finally, the most controversial jewelry for men – earrings. Lots of people still do not accept earrings as a male accessory, but there are some who may say that they can, conversely, demonstrate masculinity. There are many shapes and styles – from “pirate” to pin or nail earrings with gem stones.

While choosing earrings you should take into account the shape of your face and ears. For example, men who have round faces should take simple small earrings.

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