The most expensive crib in the world Suommo

The most expensive baby crib in the world Suommo

Spanish company Suommo is well-known for their motto – Luxury for Babies. They’ve decided to create something extraordinary and even “extra luxury”. They’ve created a baby crib that costs 12 million euro, which is 13.5 million dollars.

The most expensive  baby crib in the world Suommo

Such a posh crib entitled as Dodo Bassinet is made of pure 24-carat gold and is presented in a set with awesome and chic bedding, made of wild silk and Peru cotton by the company Pino Cotton and embroidered by the gold threads. The gold Suommo crib is a project made and designed by the chief designer and CEO of the company Ximo Talamantes, who has been famous for his the most expensive child bottle in the world – Doll Bottle that costs 250.000 or a quarter of million dollars.

The most expensive  baby crib in the world Suommo

We should mention that Suommo baby crib weights 414 lbs and its height is 45”. Besides, Suommo company provides a choice to a customer: if they want they can engrave a name of a baby, family emblem, or other personal inscription on the body of the crib. If a client wants, it is possible to garnish the Suommo crib with gemstones for additional payment.

The most expensive  baby crib in the world Suommo

Suommo crib is available in 6 colors: silver, gold, black,white, platinum and rose gold. Suommo company also produces the most expensive baby products in the world like gold baby comforters incrusted by gemstones, gold bottles with diamonds, cashmere and wild silk bedding, collection of baby furniture of unique and sophisticated design. A lot of parents want to provide products of the best quality for their children, but not everyone has such possibility as the clients of Suommo company. Suommo crib is something extraordinary and even a little bit provocative, because its conception is to show through money and precious metals that a baby is the most valuable thing in human’s life. Suommo crib is an interesting record-holder and conception worth of our attention.

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