Mortal Kombat XL

The success of Mortal Kombat X, popular passion and understanding as well as experience of the previous games by Nether Realms suggested that GOTY-edition with all heroes will eventually come out. Mortal Kombat XL was this full and ultimate edition of updated MKX, that was came for consoles with numerous additions in one pack with updated hero roster. No one of fans would like to miss it.


Mortal Combat XL review

In fact, two things connected with MKXL should be taken into account – this edition includes MKX and both season pass, but it was made only for consoles of new generation. XL-edition is unavailable for PC, and developers said that they would not work on PC version. The second feature – this is an update rather than a GOTY-edition in other words some content will still be closed in the game.


Mortal Combat XL review To make clear the second point, it is necessary to consider what XL-edition means. XL is mostly just a big add-on, which can be bought in three ways – as a stand-alone game or update for original MKX or MKX with the first season pass.


Thus, this pack is the most ultimate update for Mortal Kombat X, and does not change the game dramatically – the scenario is the same being enough for a half of an evening, different on-line and off-line activities, closed Crypt, etc. However, the add-on will also bring 9 new characters (available in the first and second season pass), 25 new skins and 2 packs of additional fatalities.


Mortal Combat XL review
MKXL has got famous The Pit, with the hole where opponents can be thrown to and corresponding set of fatality.  The key change is fully reworked network code of the project. Lags become less frequent, the number of successful combos is higher, fights are faster, so generally they have made the game better.


All heroes have been rebalanced, especially DLC ones from the first Kombat Pack – along with XL-edition, each character got a set of buffs and debuffs in favour of game balance.


Mortal Combat XL review Four new heroes joined the roster, including both Mortal Kombat universe and aliens. A long awaited by players cyborg, Triborg combines Smoke, Syrax and Sektor. Each of them adds their own unique attacks. Besides, players can open the fourth variation of Triborg – Cyber Sub-Zero.


Mortal Combat XL review Bo’Rai Cho is well-known for MK fans, and this master of “drunk style” was highly expected. The Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” uses even more bloody techniques, than his mate Jason. Chainsaw allows him to dominate in the mid- and short-distance fight.


Mortal Combat XL best fighting game Alien from the series of the same name – is one of the best characters in terms of visual representation, with excellent animation, quality combat model and good pool of combat techniques. It will be good for playing both for novice and hardcore gamers.


Mortal Combat XL review

After testing new heroes, it seems that the developers have finally managed to focus on realization of characters in the way they like, so each of them looks and is felt much better than almost all characters of the previous roster. Mortal Kombat XL should be considered as the sole game, but it is a good patch and pack – all-in-one for fans of console MKX. In fact, the game is really worth playing and worth its price.

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