Men’s Shoes Guide

Men’s Shoes Guide

You won’t think you did something wrong, until you notice someone’s disapproving glance at you. Despite the fact that in our time we can wear and look whatever we want, it is totally not okay to demonstrate a bad taste. So, right here you have a chance to beef up your knowledge about men’s shoes and how to combine them with different looks.


Brogues are classic shoes with distinctive perforations. They look extremely stylish, however initially they were just country English shoes which people wore on Fridays after work for going to some pub. The way back home was through bog and such perforations were used for draining. Brogues can be matched with anything: classic shirts, t-shirts, pants, shorts and suits. But do not pair them with tracksuits.

Derby shoes

Men’s Shoes Guide

There is a legend that Derby shoes originate from the 18th century when some count Derby who loved horse riding asked to make special shoes for this hobby. What is important about wearing these shoes is right color and accessories matching.

Oxford shoes

Men’s Shoes Guide

These shoes also come from the UK. In the 17th century some Oxford students decided to transform uncomfortable boots Balmorals into simple shoes. Oxford shoes should be worn only with suits or tuxedos.


Loafers are slip-on-shoes or slippers without laces. They can be matched both with shorts and classic suits. You can easily experiment with such a pair of shoes. And they can also be worn with socks. Maybe that is why they are so popular.

Monk shoes

Men’s Shoes Guide

Another classic pair after oxford shoes. Monks shoes are without laces, but with buckles and straps. There is a problem with these shoes – it is hard to match them because they are cool and self-sufficient. So if you like them, do not risk and match them only with clothes of classic style. If you are not a fan of classic suits, you can try to pair monks with regular straight or slim pants.

Men’s Shoes Guide

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