Lunar table by Jesse Ede

Jesse Ede gets inspiration for creation of such unique furniture from the nature. Having woodworker skills, the artist manages to make attractive and complicated pieces of interiors. Lunar Table is among such works, reflecting the beauty of the space.

Lunar Table consists of aluminium tabletop, with a monolith slaty stone in the center that gives a sense of similarity to the Moon. First of all, Jesse with the team looks for the slaty stone of the required size, and then creates round shape around the stone, that is filled up with hot aluminium, which after cooling down makes the table looks like the Moon surface.

“Jesse Ede uses mostly the natural stones, which are not always seem to be finished,” as the official site of the artist reads. “He likes to use the natural beauty of organic surfaces, manipulating them to show the contrast between the material itself and artificial processes that shape the sculpture”.

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