Live stream everywhere with FrontRow on neck

Every modern smartphone has a camera for 1-st personal shooting, but some companies have been developing projects to create perfect wearable cameras that could become a part of wearer’s life smoothly. Specifically, Snapchant has Spectacles, while Ubiquiti Labs launches the FrontRow. The camera is able to live stream via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The idea is to make filming chronicles of the daily events as easier as possible. The FrontRow (2.4-in tall; 2.8-in wide) is supplied in a pendant, slightly larger than a common necklace. In the front, the pendant hosts an 8MP camera, with a 5MP one coming in the rear above a 1.96-in display.  Live stream everywhere with FrontRow on neck

The device can work for 50 hours in standby mode, some 2 hours in recording and 1.45-1.55 hours in live streaming. USB-C port is used for charging as well as downloading data. The FrontRow has 32 GB internal storage and can transfer files over Bluetooth 4.1 or Wi-Fi module on-board.

Live stream everywhere with FrontRow on neck

The camera makes 1080p films and the user switch different modes via Android interface. With connection to a smartphone or Wi-Fi video can be streamed directly to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter; offline recording is saved to the internal memory.

Live stream everywhere with FrontRow on neck

The handling is very simple – to start/stop recording it is necessary just to touch screen or push a small button on the edge, while the LED indicator will show whether filming is going or not. The device looks nice, though the company did not comment on water- or shockproof abilities, which would be a great feature, given daily using of the FrontRow. The price is $399; the models come in gloss black or pink and white.

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