10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV, and one, that is not worth mentioning

April 16, 2019

Usually, people say that you should not tell about your hobbies in a CV, as they will take up too much space on paper, and the hiring agent, looking through the information, may miss something more important.

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Well-paid professions that do not require higher education

April 9, 2019

To earn money today it is not necessary to study for 4 years at the university. The majority of well-paying jobs requires a degree, but still has a job for which it is not needed.

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8 tips on how to save money

April 2, 2019

If you are constantly emerging unforeseen expenses that devastate your wallet - so you need to think about how to properly allocate your budget.

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5 ways to stop procrastination

March 29, 2019

Those who have only run into the problem of procrastination, we recommend you to quit reading this article and go back to work.

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Behavior that prevents success

March 28, 2019

Success is not accidental and is not luck. Inopportune time, failure or other circumstances everything in the world is against us.

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Amazing French facades of houses by Patrick Commecy

March 27, 2019

Patrick Commecy can be called one of the most talented contemporary artist. His monumental mural is amazing. The artist creates large-scale optical illusion painting on the facades

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10 of the brightest objects in space that can be seen with the human eye

March 18, 2019

10 of the brightest objects in space, that can be seen with the human eye. Mankind has been watching the sky for thousands of years.

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13 amazing facts about Canada

March 14, 2019

Here you will find 13 interesting facts about the economy, consumers, culture and resources of this extraordinary country.

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A huge house in Colorado with a gorgeous mountain view

March 12, 2019

Telluride is located at an elevation of 8750 feet in a secluded spot in Southwest Colorado. From the west Colorado Route 145 is the most common way in Telluride

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Blue wine Gik Live: new trend

March 11, 2019

In Spain group of young Spanish entrepreneurs in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country has released the world's first blue wine called Gik

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