Incredible design of “Epiphany” superyacht

Incredible design of "Epiphany" superyacht

«Epiphany» is a 130-meter superyacht with a unique simple silhouette that emphasizes bold design. The purity of form is achieved by “simple elegance” and “classic design”. It is usually assumed that the classic designs are elegant in their simplicity, but to achieve this, you need to find a solution refined numerical complex technical and ergonomic problems. The concept of the yacht “Epiphany” at least stylistic touches and elements create a dramatic, elegant effect that even overshadows the excellent yacht practicality and huge floor space.

Incredible design of "Epiphany" superyacht Deck the owner of a huge, much larger than in the standard projections. Stateroom forward has an increased height of the ceiling with skylights and it is clear the main deck with a seating area and a jacuzzi. Aft of this deck is a personal home theater, as well as an impressive account of the owner together with an office for personal assistants or important employees to be able to combine relaxation with work.

Incredible design of "Epiphany" superyacht Below deck is a unique master «VIP deck» with 4 large cabins, each with a private balcony. The deck also has a cinema, a play area and a large seating area with a gym and spa. The aft deck is the main bar and dining area is located there.

Incredible design of "Epiphany" superyacht Despite the radical look of the yacht, the main deck is a relatively traditional look together with the common areas and guest aft cabin forward. Low bulwarks along the entire deck are used to increase the sense of transparency and lightness. At the stern there is a pool and recreation area, which can if necessary be used as a helipad.

Incredible design of "Epiphany" superyacht The beach club and a garage for the boat-tender are on the lower deck, along with a cinema and a house boat team. Area teams include room, protection and cabin room for 40 team members and staff. “Epiphany” stands out from the other boats because of the unique and exceptional aesthetic appearance, but also because of the layout, which separates the team band on the upper and lower decks. This allows you to optimize the use of space for guests.

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