Ice Popsicles Made of Polluted Water from Around the World

Looking at these popsicles samples you may think that they are artworks of some artistic or organic restaurant. However, you wouldn’t dare to try them as the main ingredient is polluted water from sewage in Taiwan.


These samples were made in the framework of the Polluted Water Project by three design students in Taiwan. The aim is to raise awareness about the constantly increasing level of contaminated water due to urbanization and technological growth. These three designers Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti from the National Taiwan University of Arts took water from 100 different sources in Taiwan and turned that water into frozen popsicles with the use of transparent polyester resin. Every ice popsicle represented one particular region of the place it was taken from. The popsicles contained everything that the water had – from pieces of plastic, bottles to wrappers. The artwork by these guys is really impressive and makes us all think about our planet conditions and our life on it.





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