How To Wear UGGs boots in 2018

In winter when it is cold and all you need is warmth and comfort there aren’t any more convenient boots than UGGs. A lot of stylists and fashion bloggers claim that such shoes are awful and that they can only spoil look of every women. Surely, nobody suggests wearing UGGs with some evening look. But when all you need is comfort UGGs are totally OK. So, here you have advice of how to choose the best UGGs for you.

Style and models are almost the same as before. Short soft boots made from sheepskin with flat soles are the best alternative winter shoes. Before buying a pair of UGGs, think of what you are going to combine them with. They are perfectly suitable for casual and everyday clothes. Down jackets are ideal to wear with these boots too. You may also try to combine them with luxurious fur coats or oversized coats. A lot of examples of such combinations can be seen among Hollywood celebrities. Mostly, thanks to celebs that are big fans of UGGs they started becoming popular all over the world.

So, what is in trend this year? First of all, you should wear only natural materials – no artificial sheepskin or suede. This is the main condition in 2018. Beige and pastel colors are more preferable this year too, but black is also a good choice. Designers suggest light colors more as they make a total look elegant and a bit delicate which we usually lack of in winter. If you are brave enough, you may wear white and light beige, green or pink UGGs. In this case you will need to pair them with accessorize of close color palette.


If you do not tend to risk, take a pair of classic beige, caramel or black UGGs and you will look smart.


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