God Of War 2017: New adventure of Kratos

New adventure of Kratos in the Scandinavian myths this time. The original God of War in 2005 was actually the first heavy statement concerning the Myth of Ancient Greece. It has passed 11 years since then, while God of War has turned into the series, covering 6 chapters (including spin-offs for mobile platforms), but remained the only franchise connected with the history of Zeus and its family. Of course, other games with similar settings were launched, in particular Titan Quest, but they were just secondary products, having no inherent value (Titan Quest actually is a senseless Diablo III-clone).


God Of War 2017: New adventure of Kratos The history of Kratos’ revenge to Ares and Zeus afterwards was of course very interesting and scenic, but developers of the third chapter made a full stop of the local scenario, and have had no idea what to do further for a long period of time. They launched prequels (even two – Ghost of Sparta and Ascension released after God of War III), reedited God of War III for consoles of new generation, in other words they were just playing for time.


God Of War 2017: New adventure of Kratos At present, no one would dare to finish so successful franchises, and continue making new chapters until the game starts annoying. In fact, developers should either re-launch the whole series or release a remake of the first chapters, or invent one more mini-story for Kratos, e.g. another prequel. All these options seemed doubtful – God of War needed prompt injection of innovations and insights. Fortunately, developers at Santa Monica did reasonable when maintained the main character (God of War without Kratos “wouldn’t be the same”), but also relocated the story to Scandinavia, which means almost 100% update of the settings.


God Of War 2017: New adventure of Kratos It is getting quite interesting – the first chapter of God of War was the key statement on a topic of legends of Ancient Greece by video games, though the new chapter will definitely repeat the scenario in terms of Scandinavian myths. In fact, there were no projects about Tor, Odin and Loki. Developers of other games prefer to invent new fantasy worlds rather than take already created universe, which is more interesting and goes through details much better. However, the main question: Will God of War (2017) succeed in becoming a significant project, like the first chapters?


God Of War 2017: New adventure of Kratos Unfortunately, Ascension, the latest entry of the series, was far from expectations – developers offered boring travelling in already-known world, rather than epic fights with giants. Mechanics in God of War was just attractive combined with other gameplay elements, while it in pure form turned to be very simple for complete slasher. The new chapter brings new mechanics as it showed E3 video, but it is unknown so far whether it improves or remains the same.


God Of War 2017: New adventure of Kratos There are hopes that developers will allow players charging the most powerful gods in Scandinavian mythology right away. In that case, it will be a cheerful annihilation of Odin’s helpers a la God of War III, which should be taken as a guideline for the new entry. The game will definitely be interesting anyway. There are still many mythologies, like Egyptian (Anubis and Seth), Aztec and Slavic, so Santa Monica has a lot of materials to make new and new chapters. The main task is to maintain the quality.

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