Fantastic sculptures made from wire by Richard Stainthorp

An artist and craftsman from England Richard Stainthorp can create and show splendid energy, smoothness and plastic of a human body with the help of diversified and elegant curves of wire in his sculptures. Most his works are wire sculptures that show naked human figures, iron angels and trees. All the works were created by the way of manipulation of two-dimensional lines. These wire sculptures are made life-sized. The figures by Richard Stainthorp are both in motion and at rest and they consist of huge caliber threads of wire that were put closely to one another. While creating these sculptures, the designer makes the effect that the figures are real and can move at any moment. Stainthorp also uses wire and cables for glossy effect, preserving the original appearance so that the wire itself is free from ordinary artistic attachments and decorations.

Sculptures by Richard Stainthorp

The designer has been creating these exciting artworks for almost 20 years. He believes that human body is wonderful. According to the artist’s Facebook page he began creating these wire sculptures in 1996. The figures don’t have any distinctive facial features or expressions. However, Stainthorp could express emotions and mood clearly by the body language of his wire sculptures. Some of the artworks look like they are going to fall or to make a move. The feeling of motion is expressed brilliantly. The wire sculptures express the sense of freedom and infinite possibilities.

Sculptures by Richard Stainthorp

There is one figure that has an exciting set of wire “wings”. They look like a shield. It is just amazing how the artist Stainthorp can express so many feelings using such usual material as wire in creation of his sculptures. He does extraordinary things, indeed. The author says that the completion of each part of a sculpture is a completion or solution of a complicated puzzle. What a nice simile! Richard Stainthorp gains inspiration for his sculptures from everyday life, from ordinary and common objects and material and he is surely inspired by beauty of human body.

Sculptures by Richard Stainthorp


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