Brutal games to play with friends


Do you remember gathering at flat party and played games with laughing out loud? Such games are rare now. It is possible to play simulators or fighting. Everybody will be engaged and have fun. Choose brutal games you may like.

UFC 2 is the best real virtual ultimate fighting. It was released on PS4 and Xbox One on March 17 2017.

This is definitely high-quality entry. And additional dynamics comes from long-arm fight, which means without locks and other hits. The graphics and physics is just perfect.


Mortal Kombat

Best fighting games to play with friends

Historically, Mortal Kombat is the most multiplayer game. The year of 2017 saw the release of MK XL, full version with additional hero roster. The game original game was released on PS4 and Xbox One back April 14, 2015. The game is well-known and does not require description. Moreover, the last entry is bloodier, hyperrealistic; the finishing combos became extremely cruel, not for children.


Street Fighter V

Brutal games to play with friends

Another famous but softer game – Street Fighter V . The most recent release took place on PC and PS4 on February 16, 2017. This is for fans of tactics and experts of martial arts. Besides, the game was initially set as cyber sport discipline, thus the heroes are well-balanced and various.



Brutal games to play with friends

The next is indi game – Helldivers , the funny shoot em up. The 4-player team need to plant democracy on new plants. It came on PS4 and PC in 2015, and still looks up-to-date.

That is not the end. Here you can find a few more games, that desrve your attention. Broforce – an indie-platform game, in which heroes of action films of 1990s and 2000s eliminate terrorists. Release date on PS4 and PC – October 15, 2015.

Doom. Is it necessary to add something? Release date on PS4, PC and Xbox One – May 13 2016.

For those under the rock: the legendary game, in which a demon can be killed by the parts of its own body. The story starts on Mars, and ends in the Hell. Multiplayer mode – battles between marines, though dissected bodies are more than enough.

Sniper Elite 4 – a 1st-person story of a World War II sniper. The game was launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 14 2017.

The cooperative mode is for two players, while multiplayer offers up to 12 players game. The co-op is better as it delivers the key features of the game – slow-motion when the bullet hit the body: bones are turning into a dusk and the heart – mess.

For Honor offers a medieval sword massacre by Ubisoft. The game was launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 14 2017. This is a pure multiplayer game without good scenario.

The player will be a knight, Viking or samurai in the fantastic world, where 3 factions converge on the battlefield. The game offers well-laid-out combat system and physics.

 Best brutal games to play with friends
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