Blue wine Gik Live: new trend

Gik Live exclusive blue vine

In Spain group of young Spanish entrepreneurs in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country has released the world’s first blue wine called Gik, which can be identified with the modern generation.

Gik Live exclusive blue vineGik wine is bright blue, produced in the region of Bierzo in the northwest of Spain. The base of wine is created from red and white grapes, after which indigo pigments are added to change color.

Gik Live exclusive blue vineWine strength is 11.5%, and it is recommended to serve nachos with guacamole, sauce cacık, carbonara pasta and smoked salmon. Gik wineries from Spain presented blue wines, called Gik Live. This was reported on the company’s website. As CTV News notes, the wine color does not affect its taste. On assurances of the company, they have created this wine just for the fun.

Gik Live exclusive blue vineBright blue wine is made from a blend of grapes red and white varieties. Then it is painted with the help of anthocyanins – natural ingredients contained in the grape skins, and indigo dyes.

Gik Live exclusive blue vineManufacturers say that their sales strategy is based not only on buyer shock by an unusual color. “In psychology, blue characterizes innovation, movement, fluidity and change,” – says one of the authors of wine. Winemakers say that their drink is to impress those who are not afraid to experiment.

Gik Live exclusive blue vineThe cost of one bottle Gik Live is 10 euros, two bottles will cost customers in the 16 euro six – to 42 euros, and 12 – 78 euros.


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