6 Toys all children want in 2018

Our kids are getting harder and harder to surprise with a usual toy. Everyone wants a robot, pokemon or hoverboard. However, we’ve found 6 interesting toys that will satisfy your picky child and will brings tons of fun. So, let’s check 6 the most desirable toys.

Toys all children want in 2018

Furby Boom Crystal

Everybody knows this toy back from the 90s. It made lots of parents nervous due to its ability to scare them and speak randomly. In 2012 its popularity increased again and today we have the models with crystal ears and eyes and built-in operational systems like iOS\Android, so kids may enjoy this interactive wonder.


Best toys for kids in 2018

Ollie Sphero

This robotic rolling ball Ollie is amazing and a lot if adults want it as well. It is highly customized as you can choose the color of the tire and lights there and it is connected to your smartphone to control it distantly. It reaches the speed of 14 miles per hour, it can drift and its body is made of polycarbonate. Ollie charges from usb-cable and is controlled from iOS and Android through the app. The charging time is 3 hours and it can roll for about an hour straight.

2018 kids toys

Sky Viper Camera Drone

This is an amazing option for kids who are fond of detectives and spies. You can make fun video and photos from the sky with this drone. It is suitable generally for adults who want to have a drone, but keep it extremely on a budget. It has a small camera with 720p high-definition bird’s eye view video and is made of duraflex frame. It is suitable for children starting from 8 years old.

Dino toy for kids 2018

Zoomer Dino – Boomer

The kid of the T-Rex, a robotic dinosaur with removed control and different reactions according to its surrounding. If it happens that your child doesn’t like it, you definitely will. It has built-in gyroscope to move independently around the house and has lots of sensors that provide multiple functions. For example, if you touch the tail of your Boomer its eyes will go red and angry and it will start moving around and roaring. It is simply stunning to observe such dino.

Best toys for kind 2018

Sunset Skateboard Ghost

We’ve never seen such stylish and yet functional skateboard. It is transparent and made of durable polycarbonate with LED lights shining in the wheels while they are moving. It lets you see the road through the skate while riding and lights the road if your child likes to skate in the twilight or in the night. With such shining wheels you will never lose your child in the twilight and if skating he or she will see the road clearly. The manufacturer promises them to glow for 100,000 hours due to the self-charging mechanism that works on the motion of rolling. Pretty impressive, yeah?

Best robot toys for kids 2018

WowWee MiP Robot

Interactive robot is a dream of every child, but this one is simply crazy. It has a special gesture sense technology that reads your body movements and does tricks that you want. Swipe right – it will move right, move around it will do the same. It works in pair with Android\iOS app, so your child will be amazed to spend time with MiP robot. The robot has a personality and wants to play, dance, can be irritated by something, says thank you. It is great for kids older than 8 years.

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