6 of the best washing machines you may have this year

best washing machines

We all have lots of everyday chores that are not so pleasant, enjoyable and that just steal our precious time. For those who need only qualitative and efficient home appliances, here we compiled a list of 6 best washing machines that will definitely save your time and make your routine chores easier.

Electrolux EWF1408WDL

best washing machines for home

Electrolux EWF1408WDL is one of the most compact and economic washing machines presented by a worldwide producer Electrolux. It is also worth mentioning that this model is very safe and qualitative. This machine is a perfect choice by all means. The price of Electrolux EWF1408WDL is about $850.

LG F1443KDS7

best washing machines

LG F1443KDS7 is one of the most functional washing machines. It is also very convenient and economic in use. Only the most qualitative materials were used in its production which ensure safety and make it serve for a long time. The main feature of this model are refreshing and fast cleaning functions.

Bosch WAY 32740 PL

Bosch WAY 32740 PL is a huge and economic machine that has released recently. It features quick wash cycle that takes only 15 minutes of your precious time. This machine is also quite smart as it can count the amount of washing powder and water needed.

Siemens WM 16y741PL

best washing machines

Siemens WM 16y741PL uses 40% of electricity, water and washing powder less than other washing machines. This model can also choose a washing mode and cycle depending on the amount of clothes. The price is about $900.

Beko WMB 81044 LA

best washing machines

Beko WMB 81044 LA is the most multifunctional and convenient washing machines that you may buy. This intelligent model can detect types of fabric, the amount of dirt and choose the needed cycle for the best washing. The price of Beko WMB 81044 LA is about $450.

 Samsung Eco Bubble WF906U4SAWQ

Samsung Eco Bubble WF906U4SAWQ 

Samsung Eco Bubble WF906U4SAWQ features a very unusual function. It can wash using soap bubbles. The price is about $800. Finally, you can chhose one best for you

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