5 ways to stop procrastination

5 ways to stop procrastination

Those who have only run into this problem, we recommend you to quit reading this article and go back to work.

There is no single tool that can overcome procrastination.

5 ways to stop procrastination Sometimes procrastination is a sign that you are doing something that is not so useless, insignificant. It can also be a sign that you need to step back, take a break and recuperate, to take up the case with the new force.

Of course, procrastination is often the result of laziness. If you need to prepare for the exam, coursework or write an article if you want to prepare a presentation, or if you want to settle the case with the boss/customer, you still have to take the job, whether you start now or put them all tomorrow.

Do only what you really like

5 ways to stop procrastination Maybe you have a problem with procrastination and work. If you notice you have this problem day by day, week after week, month after month, year after year, you probably do not what should do. Perhaps it’s time to find a new job, change the industry, to leave school and find your true passion. Nevertheless, there is a high probability that you just faced with the difficult task unpleasant and you just need to find the strength to make the leap to the achievement of this goal. If you see the cause here, stop reading the article and get busy. If procrastination often overpowers you, here you will find some effective ways to deal with it.

1. Spend the first 30 minutes of the day on work.

5 ways to stop procrastination The first 30 minutes of your workday/study should be carried out the work. If you want to check messages or to look at a favorite site, do it after entered into a working rhythm and then it will be easier to switch back to work. But best of all – get rid of anything that might distract the attention, until the job is done.

2. Introspect

5 ways to stop procrastination Procrastination is usually held in two stages: 1. Difficulty to get started 2. The absent-mindedness during operation Giving yourself a break, you will temporarily get rid of the stress associated with the need to perform the task, fasten neural connections that are associated with procrastination – and you become a victim again.

3. Block distractions

5 ways to stop procrastination Do you know that willpower is the limited resource that can be depleted, as well as any other kind of energy? Just as the morning run takes strength for the whole day, as well, resistance to temptation takes a lot of energy to operate. This has been proven in recent research.

4. Do not be a perfectionist

5 ways to stop procrastination One of the reasons is the desire to avoid making difficult decisions and to perform difficult tasks. For example, if you are writing a research work to come up with the perfect proposal or the thesis is so difficult and frightening, you do not even want to start. Cease to strive for this perfection, and just start doing the work. Just start writing the first thing that comes to mind on the subject.

5. Set the timing

5 ways to stop procrastination The man is a strange creature. If we meet with a friend, we assign a date and time and go to a meeting. But when it comes to important tasks, such as going to the gym or start learning the language, we can easily move aside those plans. Start the chart and plan your day and make scheduled tasks. You do not give up the scheduled meeting with a friend if you feel tired a bit.

5 ways to stop procrastination

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