5 items every New-Mom needs

Every new-mom gets literally lost in the list of baby-related items needed for as comfortable use as it can be when you have a baby. You can find the basics almost everywhere, we’ve decided to get a little bit more specific about some items and chose some of the best quality among the enormous assortment.

1) You need not a car seat and stroller, you need a normal travelling system.

Complex travelling system for child


Of course it is very profitable for companies to sell you a baby stroller and a car seat separately. But how are you going to put your baby to the car sit after a travel in the baby stroller without disturbing the sweet sleep? With travelling system in one move your stroller detaches a bassinet which serves you as a car sit, and your baby sleeps safe and sound.

2) After buying a travelling system you take to the car, buy a lightweight stroller.

 lightweight stroller

You will want to take a walk in the local region without taking your car, so you barely need a heavy-weight stroller all the time. Choose simple umbrella-folding stroller for quick and light walks.

3) Get a good teething toy.

5 items every New-Mom needs

Teeth can be a real pain not only for babies, but for their parents as well. Be very picky while choosing a teething toy, because it should be a favorite toy of your baby. It should be of a perfect size and weight so your baby comfortably grips and hold it. The paint (if exists) on the toy should be hypoallergenic and ecological. No toxins allowed!

4) You don’t need a swing, you need a multi-functional swing.

5 items every New-Mom needs

Swing is a place where your baby sits while you are doing a great variety of tasks, and the more time you have the better is the quality of those tasks. So make sure that your swing is interestig enough and can keep your baby safe and entertained, winning you some extra time. Pay attention to those with mp3 players, buttons, toys, rocking mechanisms, lights, colors, interesting pattern etc.

 5) You CAN choose a stylish diaper-bag.
5 items every New-Mom needs

Most of them are obviously childish and not every grown-up woman that cares about her looks thinks it is okay to wear something like these. So if you are one of them, there are a lot of options with matte finish, made of natural fabrics and with lots of pockets for your convenience. And yes, it can be easily called your regular purse.

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