4 places for your summer trip

places for summer trip

If you are tired of ordinary places like Berlin or Paris, here you will find some places which will be an unusual substitution to typical summer resorts. These places we are about to offer you are luxurious and sophisticated enough to get you satisfied with your trip.


Capri, Italy

4 places for your summer trip If you like Italy, but do not want to go to Rome as you do not think there is much to see there, we can suggest you another location in this wonderful country. Choose this magnificent Capri Island. This paradise on Earth is known as a hot spot for celebrities from all over the world.  In case you can spend a lot for this summer vacation, you may visit 5-star Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel and stay at the most luxurious suite there. To drink champagne overseeing the Mediterranean Sea is something that will bring you joy for the next working year. At the hotel you will also taste the best dishes from the best chefs.


Monaco, French Riviera

4 places for your summer trip

You may have heard of this glamorous spot thanks to the prestigious annual Grand Prix motor race, Monte-Carlo, that it’s home to, but Monaco oozes splendor year-round. Although Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, it makes up for its size in grandeur, as it attracts high rollers and is almost comically filled with yachts and luxury cars. This little country is probably the most expensive and the most luxurious in the world as it is filled with yachts and automobiles, and rich people. The place is also known for Monte-Carlo’s casinos and Grand Prix motor race. It is situated on the French Riviera which provides beautiful surrounding of the Mediterranean Sea.


St. Tropez, France

places for your summer trip

Another place on the French Riviera is St. Tropez. It is popular with lots of celebrities like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Neil Patrick Harris, Brad Pitt and others. Here you will find the best night clubs and beaches.


Lake Como, Italy

4 places for your summer trip

Some other magnificent location in Italy is the Lake Como in Lombardy region. The place is really unbelievably beautiful and must be seen at least once in life.

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