10 most awesome places of northern Spain

10 most awesome places of northern Spain

Many travelers start their Iberian Peninsula exploration from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or historic Moorish castles on the south. And they don’t understand what have lost ignoring the northern Spain. This part of country is full of well-preserved medieval villages, picturesque vineyards, the beautiful littoral landscapes of Bay of Biscay and many other incredible places. This is 10 the most amazing places of northern Spain.


Picos de Europa

10 most awesome places of northern Spain

The park titled Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe) is one of the first national parks in Spain which was founded in 1918. The high mountains (the highest point is 8690 ft) as well as deep gorges and green clean forests are the key places of the park. The tourists can use multiple itineraries or Fuentede rope-way to enjoy the beauty of local landscapes.



10 most awesome places of northern Spain

Gorgeous Santander with its beaches is another sightseeing of northern Spain. The ancient city with numerous old restored buildings, golden beaches and magnificent Piquio gardens deservedly attract thousands of tourists each year.


Rioja wine region

10 most awesome places of northern Spain

This wine region, which has become the home for more than 500 wine factories, will be interesting for real connoisseurs of this precious beverage. Here, the tourists can visit numerous vineyards, take part in master classes and enjoy the most delicious wines of Spain.



10 most awesome places of northern Spain

Oviedo city is the capital of Asturian region which is widely known amid numerous religious traditions and monuments. This part of northern Spain is full of really ancient well-preserved buildings, including churches dated back VIII century (the cathedral of the Holy Savior, San Julián de los Prados) and stunning fountain titled La Foncalada created in IX century.



10 most awesome places of northern Spain

Bilbao follows the next in the list of the most awesome places of northern Spain. Currently, this city, which is encountered by green hills, is known as a center of modern art and architecture. Here, the internationally renowned Guggenheim museum as well as Basilica de Begona and Santiago cathedral are located and visited by large number of tourists from all over the world.



10 most awesome places of northern Spain Gaztelugatxe is an islet on the coast of Biscay. The place, which looks like a castle, is connected to the mainland via the bridge. On the top of Gaztelugatxe there is a very beautiful old hermitage overlooking incredible landscapes.



10 most awesome places of northern Spain Pamplona is the city with long and interesting history, which in old days was the capital of Navarre. Currently, this northern city is known due to San Fermin festival during which many courageous people try to stay ahead of running bulls. Also, tourists arrive here to watch gripping bull-fights.


Santiago de Compostela

10 most awesome places of northern Spain Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Galicia to which thousands of pilgrims come each year. This place is very important for religious because it is thought that one of Jesus apostles –Saint James – was buried here. His grave as well as Santiago cathedral are the most visited places in all northern Spain.


Santillana del Mar

This medieval village is located on the west coast of Spain near the Cave of Altamira. The latter is known thanks to its pre-historical paintings of human hands and wild mammals. Besides, there is an inquisition museum, with many torture instruments being demonstrated.


San Sebastian

This popular sea resort offers gorgeous landscapes, the best beach of Spain (La Conca) and annual jazz festival.

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