10 ideas of Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween Costumes for Kids

You are looking for Halloween costumes ideas for your children and don’t know what to choose? Indeed, that can be a hard task to complete. Some children start thinking of ideas for the future Halloween right after the last year event. Despite the overactive imagination of kids, there still can be some problems. How to choose one perfect idea or how at least to narrow the circle? Here we are suggesting some of the most popular Halloween costumes ideas for kids, so have a look.

1. Pumpkin

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

Little kids wearing pumpkin costumes are so adorable. This character is simple, traditional and ideal for Halloween.


2. Folk costume

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

It’s a quite original idea to dress your kid in an Indian folk costume or Japanese one, or search for unpopular and less known folk costumes on the Internet. Let people guess where such a charming guest comes from.



3. Princess

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

It’s most probably that your little daughter will love the idea of dressing like a princess. Luckily, even among princesses there is a huge range of choices. If you don’t know where to start from – just think of any Disney princess.


4. Pirate

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

Let’s be thankful to Jack Sparrow for returning this character to Halloween parties. As for me, this is a quite funny idea for both boys and girls.

5. Clown

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

Even if clowns generally scare you, little kids dressed as clowns look so cute. Just think about this option if you want to be original and unique.


6. Scarecrow

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

If you are looking only for DIY Halloween ideas, this costume is totally for you. I won’t be a problem to find some rags, a check shirt, pants and a hat with wide brims. And add some hay to it. To my mind, this costume is the most nontrivial one.


7. Vampire

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

Another everlasting trend, just as vampires themselves. But forget about “Twilight” movies. Not a great idea at all. Create more classic image of an vampire. You can try to get inspired by old black-n-white horror movies.



8. Zombie

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

Zombies now are more popular than vampires, just think of “The Walking Dead” and other post apocalyptic movies. This costume can also be a DIY one. Just tear old clothes, make it look dirty and put on some terrifying makeup.


9. Superhero

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

It is perhaps the most popular Halloween costume idea both for kids and adults. But that is OK. Who wouldn’t like to feel as powerful as any superhero by Marvel or DC Comics?


10. Rock star

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2018

This is my favorite costume idea. Choose some classic rock celebrity and dress you kid in a wild leather jacket, ripped jeans and make a crazy hairstyle.

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