10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV, and one, that is not worth mentioning

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV

Usually, people say that you should not tell about your hobbies in a CV, as they will take up too much space on paper, and the hiring agent, looking through the information, may miss something more important. However, in some situations, add a couple of hobbies in the summary may be helpful and will provide you in the best light.

10 hobbies, that should be included in your resume (1) For example, trainees from the company «Google» say that HR-managers are interested in the details of his personal life, information that tells about your personality. Of course, the company’s more traditional format may not appreciate.

10 hobbies, that should be included in your resume (2) But other companies may like the presence of a couple of words about what you enjoy doing in your spare time if this is somehow related to the work for which you are hiring. There is a chance that your hobby will allocate you against other candidates. Hobbies talk about character traits, personality, knowledge of the business; they can show you how a very attractive candidate for the position. Nevertheless, it is important to be truthful, because the interview will be immediately clear whether you enjoy this hobby, do you have a passion for it really. Here you will find 10 different hobbies that can be included in your CV, and one that cannot be mentioned in any case.


10 hobbies, that should be included in your resume - Yoga Yoga shows your ability to remain calm and always keep everything under control. If you are looking to work in a very busy, debilitating conditions, such as in advertising or PR agency, the presence in the summary of this hobby will talk about your stress and make you a better candidate.

Extreme Sports

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV  - extreme sports Extreme sports such as ultramarathon, racing, mountain biking, skydiving can show potential employers that you are expanding the borders of the possible, that you disciplined, not afraid of the unknown, and you are able to calculate the risks. These features are necessary for the leading role, especially in the young developing companies.

Shooting of video

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV  - Shooting of video Shoot video as a hobby can show you in a good light for positions in management or planning. Broadcast and shooting in the air – components of any events or conferences so your knowledge or interest in the field of film can be useful in this job. It also demonstrates that you are accurate, attentive to detail, and always focus – perfect for posts on the organization of events.

The captain of a sports team

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV  - The captain of a sports team The not only game in team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball or water polo, to help you look at your team players. Be the captain of the team leadership qualities adds to your list of skills. According to research, those who are engaged in competitive sports, performing well in enterprise environments.

News blog

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV  - blogging If you are looking for a job in the field of communication and marketing, show your skills in blogging – and chances are that you will take on the position of the desired increase. Of course, there are a few points. First, make sure that the blog is active; Secondly, your article should be well written and error-free; Thirdly, the theme should reflect your personality.

Rock climbing

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV  - rock climbing Included in the summary passion for climbing, or, for example, the fact that you climbed the main peaks in 10 countries, you say, so the potential employer about your strong traits. Such interests may still be useful if future work somehow is connected with it. If you want to work in the tourism sector, but you have no experience or related education, this hobby will demonstrate your passion and experience travel. The bonus will still be information that you organized the trip with the company.


10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV  -  gardening The passion for gardening can be useful if you want to let employers know that you are looking for stability and tranquility in the work and that you are for clean energy. Do you really care about the environment, it will be your advantage over other candidates.


10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV - photography Photography can be a valuable hobby, if you look, for example, the position of creative or financial director in a digital marketing agency. Hobbies can tell about your creative nature, reliability and patience that everyone can come in handy in the future work. If there is a portfolio of the Internet, be sure to inform the interview.

Playing a musical instrument

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV - Playing a musical instrument The fact that you know how to play the guitar or violin, will make you a more attractive candidate in the eyes of the employer not only in the field of music. This passion will be talking about your ability to focus, of your responsibility, discipline and dedication, just like a builder.

Anything unusual (in a good way)

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV - unusual hobby Manufacturing our own spirits, occupation jujitsu or hobbies, references to which will lead to an interesting conversation – you should definitely be included in the summary. Make sure only that the conversation turns adequate.

Reading should not be included in the summary

10 hobbies, that should be included in your CV - reading People who read a lot, have obvious advantages – they are usually smarter and more successful. But this does not mean that you have to include it in the summary. One of the reasons – the majority of people in the world knows how to read, so it is not surprising that it is your hobby. To say that in the free time you prefer to hold a book, will show that you are a lonely, boring person.

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